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28 September 2017Image and History : Art at the Lansdowne Club
26 October 2017Artists and Espionage : The Lawn Road Flats NW3 Modernist Living in mid-20th Century London
30 November 2017Three Adalucian Cities : Cordoba, Granada and Seville

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Image and History : Art at the Lansdowne Club Pamela Campbell-Johnston Thursday 28 September 2017

Lecture at 1100

The current art collection at the Lansdowne Club highlights the fascinating architectural, social and political history of Lansdowne House, now home to this private members' Club. Through 18th century prints, oils, photography, modern silkscreens, lithographs and mixed media works, the image and history of this Grade II listed building comes to life. Located in Mayfair, the internal fabric of this important building beautifully fuses 18th century neo-classical architecture with the highly fashionable Art Deco style and serves as an eye-catching home for the current modern British art collection. As former home to British Prime Minister, Lord Shelburne (1st Marquis of Lansdowne) and to Harry Gordon Selfridge, the department store magnate, there are stories of intrigue and passion reflected in the art collection. The talk will examine the original floor plan as designed by Robert Adam and the subsequent changes. It will also highlight key works in the collection, demonstrating how current commissions and acquisitions can complement the heritage of this historic building.

Lecturer Pamela Campbell-Johnston has an MA Hons Art History from St Andrew's University. She is a freelance art consultant and lecturer and recently curated a collection for the Lansdowne Club. She has over 20 years of lecturing experience, and over 12 years' experience at the Royal Academy. 

Image : Adam's Great Eating Room

Reassembled  as the Lansdowne Dining Room at the Metropolitan Museum of New York